Support a rural girl child and empower her for life .

In the region where the proportion of girl child marriage was 55%, and in such area of Ahmedpur of Latur district, we implemented adolescent girls development program during the period of on the year 2006-2012, now this proportion has reduced to 28%. “Total eradication of girl child marriages” is our objective and we need your active support for attaining this August objective.

It has came to our notice that non availability of education facility after 7th standard, financial incapacity of parents, lack of gender equality and feeling of social insecurity are the prime reasons due to which after 7th standard more than 6% girls are dropped out of the schools in our own village  or nearby villages. Lack of gender equality and poverty are the reasons because of which school drop out at the primary level happens in the equivalent manner, and such school drop out further increases at the high school level. If continuous education of the girls is maintained then guarantee of employment and self sufficiency increases and along with that risk of their “Girl Child Marriages” can be avoided.

Therefore, to increase proportion of continuous education of the girls and to increase their “Life Skills”  and with this August objective, we are working with the assistance and cooperation of the girls and their parents, and therefore we need your support to achieve the August objective and we are confident that you shall definitely help us.

Help to prevent girl child marriages please Donate Here


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