Capacity building sessions for village level community organizer –

  • village level community organizers were the key elements of the said project. Trained & experienced personnel with clear vision of women empowerment and social issues were appointed as community organizers at the village level. Their key role was to coordinate the project, build excellent rapport with target group and all the key stake holders, to implement the activities at village level in prescribed format and access the needs of the target group and check the impact of the project. The major duties of the community organizers were to conducts monthly meeting of target groups and need based meetings of all key stake holders, to take review of the activities implemented, gather the problems and difficulties faced while executing the project and to plan the activities for next month.

In order to update & upgrade the community organizers for quality performance, periodic trainings and skill based sessions were organized for them. Monthly meetings, periodic trainings on topics like documentation, report writing, different laws related to women, health, environment, energy etc workshops on different issues were conducted to keep pace with development scenario. Annually 12 meetings, six monthly trainings and 4 issue based workshops (child rights, health, laws related to marriage & children, importance of education & RTE act) were organized for the village level community organizers. Impact of which was quality performance & flawless execution of the project.  

Manpower for the project – the project designed for the 30 villages was executed by man power which was experienced and well qualified in field of development. The project was supervised by project coordinator and was implemented by 4 workers & 30 local volunteers in selected project area. The back–up support was offered by a computer operator cum accountant.

Budget allocation – the project budget for the period of 6 years duration was 19,91, 000/- was with administration cost that included honorarium of staff at field level & supervisory level, evaluation and documentation of the program &.office equipments and stationary. The project focused awareness generation, imparting of soft skills and advocacy; budget provision on above-mentioned cost were on higher side. The budget for the said project was approved by Maharashtra Foundation, NweYork.


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