Key parameters for selection of Project were

  • Age of the adolescent girls, the project contemplated the age of married girls and the potential group present in the selected villages who could be married while designing the project. The target group represents very tender age group and needs to be prevented from getting in to marriage at early age.
  • Sex of the group, the adolescent girls being pushed in to child marriage is great issue of unease.
  • Adolescent girls in marriage, good number of adolescent girls were found to be married and living a life which was not meant for them; busy with domestic work, marital responsibilities, early motherhood and physical & mental violence.
  • Education of adolescent girls, good number of adolescent girls who were married had informed that they never went to school; as well as good number of them was identified with potential of being back to formal academic schools with some special interventions and efforts. Whereas some of them were school drop outs. Education is the right of every child and the right was seen to be denied.
  • Good scope for imparting knowledge, skill and information, most of the adolescent girls were identified with very little or no education and being school dropout for long time had scope for imparting knowledge, life skills & information for offering them an opportunity live a decent life in future. Higher schools not being in the vicinity of villages; formal schooling was a challenge before the adolescent girls.  
  • Means of recreation, being married at a very premature age; recreation was expelled from their life’s. Domestic responsibilities, early motherhood, violence & lack of freedom and mobility closed all doors of recreation for them and so it was their requirement to have healthy means of recreation. Also adolescent girls who were in formal schools, dropouts or never been to school were in need of healthy recreation.
  • Issues related to health & sexual life, appropriate information needs to be imparted to the adolescent girls. Lack of any information on health was noticed amongst the adolescent girls. Sex education could not be excluded as numbers of mis-conceptions regarding the sexual health were observed amongst the adolescent girls. Also information on nutrition, different illness & infections needed to be given for reducing the tendency of neglecting health.

Adolescent girls reported about all the abuses undergone in confidence, i.e. physical, mental, emotional and sexual. They need to be protected from any kind of abuses and need to be taught some coping mechanisms.


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