Outcomes of the project and Future Plan


  • The percentage of girl child marriages in selected villages prior to project 2006 was 58% whereas post project, it was recorded as 40.75% in 2010 & 28% in 2012 is one of the significant outcomes of the project seen in the project area.
  • Increased awareness amongst the parents about the prevention of girl child marriage & importance of their education
  • Increased awareness amongst the adolescent girls about the prevention of girl child marriage & importance of the education
  • Increased support of young boys and male members in preventing the girl child marriages in project area.
  • Increased enrollment of adolescent girls in class 7th to 10th in project area.
  • Increased health awareness amongst the women and adolescent girls.

Future Plan – In order to maintain the tempo which is been created through the implementation of the project to ‘prevent girl child marriages’ needs to be maintained and carried forward. Also the rate of girl children ensured in formal mainstreamed schools need to be maintained. IInd phase of the project with some innovations and need based activities needs to be designed & implemented to save girl child from missing schooling and getting in to child marriage. Off course with extension of few more village in the project to reach out to more adolescent girls.



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